BSCButtonBar Java Applet v1.00

BSCButtonBar Java Applet is a customisable button bar for use in web pages.
BSCButtonBar has been written to be the simple to use and small to store.
All documentation is included in the .zip for download.
Java Capable Web Browser. E.g. Microsoft IE v3 / Netscape Navigator v2 or higher.
7k bytes + Images Storage space.
  • ButtonBar is now Free!!
  • Includes Free Source Code!!
  • Incredibly Fast for downloading and running.
  • Unlimited number of buttons.
  • Minimal work required for use all you need is an image, BSCButtonBar makes it look like a button!
  • Customisable Background Colour.
  • No Data File, All parameters are stored in the web page.
  • Customisable Target frame for documents.
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