BSCColour Picker v2.0

BSCColourPicker is a small utility designed to make the picking of browser safe colours simple and painless. BSCColourPicker can be used with ANY HTML editor as it copies the Hexidecimal code to the clipboard ready for pasting into the HTML editor of your choice.
Microsoft Windows95 or NT4 or higher.
Microsoft Visual Basic v5 RinTime Files (Not Included).
If you require these files then they can be downloaded from
  • 63kb Hard Disk space.
  • Features
    • Simple to use and doesn't get in the way when you don't want it!
    • StayOnTop - Reduces to a small bar *or* an icon when not in use.
    • AutoMinimise - Minimises itself on selecting a colour.
    • AutoRestore - Restores itself when you move the mouse over the titlebar.
    • Resizable - Resizable to suit your preference.
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