Keyboard TrueType Font v2.1

Do you write computer manuals?

Are you fed up with reading and or writing lines like "Press <ENTER> to continue" and "Press <ALT>+<F2> to run setup"?

If the answer is "YES" then you need Byte-Sized Computing's Keyboard TrueType Font!

  • A very Realistic TrueType Keyboard Font.
  • Written to be the simple to use.
  • Professional version available for UK, US or German Keyboard layouts.
  • The Pro version includes additional BOLD keys for easier reading.
  • Includes example documents in Word for Windows v2 & v6 and Windows Write formats.
  • All documentation is included in the .zip for download.
  • Recommended in "Word For Windows95 SECRETS" by IDG Books.
  • Recommended by PCPlus Magazine.
Word processor capable of using TrueType fonts e.g. Word For Windows or Windows Write.
150kb Hard Disk space.
  • Simple to use, Intuitive locations for the special keys.
  • The Shareware version works as two separate fonts. One for the left side of the keyboard, one for the right.
  • The Shareware version Includes all the keys on a UK keyboard (Shareware version is NOT available in other keyboard layouts).
  • The Pro version works as a font family!
  • The Pro version has additional "Bold" letters, not found in the Shareware version.
  • The Pro version is available for Three different keyboard layouts. UK English, US English and German.
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