Java Outline Applet v5.12

BSCOutline Java Outline Applet is a customisable tree view control for use in Web pages, similar to that used by Windows File Manager or Explorer.
BSCOutline has been written to be the simple to use and small to store.
Java Capable Web Browser. E.g. Microsoft IE v3 / Netscape Navigator v2 or higher.
16K + Datafile + Image Storage space.
  • Incredibly small .CLASS file, BSCOutline needs only 19K of storage space for the .CLASS file!!!
    This means that your users get more time to view the content and less time to wait for the applet.
  • Incredibly Fast for downloading and running.
  • Unlimited Customisable Icons in the Normal, Open, Closed and MouseOver state.
  • Unlimited Customisable Title Images or Text in the Normal, Selected and MouseOver state.
  • Customisable Background Colour or Image.
  • Customisable Font size, face, style and colour.
  • Simple Data File in ASCII format with comments for legibility.
  • Customisable Target frame for documents, with individual override facility.
  • Customisable Highlight colour and background showing the last viewed document.
  • Mouse movement display of destination URL and changing of images or text highlight.
  • Option to Turn Off Icons.
  • Option to Turn Off Tree Lines.
  • Option to Use Dashed or Solid Lines.
  • Partial population facility to speed up Very Large Data Structure.
  • Dynamic Setting and Retreiving of the Tree State.
  • Tooltips!
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