BSCOutline Purchase

BSCOutline is available to purchase with a number of options on-line.
Alternatively you can send a cheque in UK funds to the address given in the "register.txt" file.
NOTE: You will need to supply the domain name on which you want to use BSCOutline. e.g. if you are going to use BSCOutline on a page you will need to enter "" in the order form.
Single Domain Licence - 15
For use on a single host on an Intranet or the Internet.
Domain for Applet
Single Domain Licence + Source Code - 200
For use on a single host on an Intranet or the Internet, includes 100% Java source code.
Domain for Applet
Distribution Licence - 2000
This is specifically designed for users who wish to distribute BSCOutline with their products.
Note: Please contact Byte-Sized Computing with any question you may have *before* purchasing.
Domain for Applet
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